I wanted to thank the Post Register for their un-endorsement. Honestly, I was relieved. If a paper with a solid history of always endorsing the most liberal candidate gave me their stamp of approval, I’d be worried about how people perceive me and my principles.

While the irony of my being interviewed by an editorial board, composed of three men, on why I should have a job, currently held by another man, was not lost on me, I find it even more telling that they have resorted to reductivity when describing my compassionately conservative principles. Logical arguments, such as using funds from the bloated $17.5 million culture and recreation budget or the amount spent on wayfinding signs to meet public safety needs are labeled “quick fixes.”

The Post Register informed us in an Aug. 30 article that “cultural and economic forces” make it difficult for women to gain experience, even in lower-level political office. The cultural force at work here is an overbearing amount of groupthink by the editorial board and the incumbent, indicating an unwillingness to accept new ideas and an approach to the budget with a set of fresh eyes. Your vote for me on Nov. 5 will impart a degree of balance to the council’s current overspending pattern, as well as be a voice for an under-represented group, one that is concerned with the rise in property taxes and wasteful spending in Idaho Falls.

Stephanie Lucas

Idaho Falls