After reading Trina Pettingill’s pearl of wisdom in a recent edition of the Post Register, I was impressed that everything she said would be completely accurate if you changed “Republicans" to “Democrats.”

If you dug a little deeper in your research, you might then realize that the power grabbers in government today are the Democrats. They claim to cut taxes to pay for the trillions needed to implement the high cost of Elizabeth Warren's and Bernie Sander's giveaways. Look at the socialist nations such as Venezuela — a wealthy nation where the people suffer from poverty and loss of personal freedom — and see what socialism has done to them.

Under the presidency of Donald J. Trump — whom you say wouldn’t be qualified to be a dog catcher — America has the best economy in the world, the lowest rate of joblessness, a significant increase of new jobs each month and lower taxes. By every measure of our economy, we are among the healthiest nation in the world.​​

Sadly there is no one so blind as he or she who will not see.

Darwin Wolford