Evidently the Idaho Falls city leaders have caught the “Idaho Falls Auditorium District can’t get anything done ‘virus.’” Evidently, the same virus that has plagued our city leaders for the past 15 to 20 years when it comes to providing our city police force with a fully functional, state of the art facility to enhance their ability to perform their work in an efficient, thorough and professional manner with all means necessary to provide protection and security of our citizens.

When driving by the old stockyards area, there’s not much is getting done, if anything, relative to getting the area ready for construction. Which begs the question, has the design even started?

This lack of action is not fair to our police department, especially with massive civil unrest across the country, surprisingly, even here.

The inability to get this long-overdue action completed means two other long overdue and important actions could be years off. First, completion of Woodruff Avenue from Lincoln Road to the Rire Highway, which is bad now and getting worse. Second, installing meters on all water users in this city. Contrary to public opinion, we do not have a never ending supply of water.

There may soon be a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, but the “virus” infecting any progress on the Event Center has, without question, seriously infected and impacted the above three important actions.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls