The sun comes up, it's President Trump's fault. The sun goes down, it's President Trump's fault. There is a fire in California, it's President Trump's fault. There is a snowstorm in New York, it's President Trump's fault. Voters are asked to show they are citizens of the U.S., it's President Trumps fault. Immigrants are asked to legally apply for entry and citizenship in the U.S., it's President Trump's fault.

I think I see a pattern emerging.

The pattern is one where truth and facts are simply roadkill along the traditional highways of America that have been taken over by the social and national media vehicles. It matters little to them who is damaged or hurt along the highway as long as they get to their desired political destination.

Integrity, honesty, family, support for law and order, have disappeared in a conspiring effort to destroy others in their path. Guiding road signs that have kept safety and civility as a standard for decades are being mowed down.

I plead for everyone to obey the road signs, slow down, stop at the crossroads and intersections of conflict with others and yield when required. Let's all stop listening to the backseat drivers and take control of our own emotional vehicles.

There is hope ahead. Politicians don't live long enough to make all the mistakes that can be made.

We as the American people are better than those who sell misinformation and distrust in the printed word and verbal commentary.

L.J. Nelson

Idaho Falls

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