Orson Johnson is wrong when he asserts that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote against nuclear power. Biden supports nuclear power as a necessary part of the solution for climate change. The Democratic Party’s recently released platform reads that they favor a “technology-neutral” approach that includes “all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, carbon capture and storage.” Bipartisan support on Capitol Hill has led to new laws, including the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act and the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act that will help stimulate the development and deployment of new nuclear fuels, materials and advanced reactors.

Efforts to reduce climate change are in contrast to Donald Trump who, in his ongoing denial of reality, not only rejects the overwhelming scientific evidence of climate change but is actively canceling present regulations that reduce climate-changing greenhouse gasses.

Two former Republican heads of the Environmental Protection Agency are rebuking Trump over his stance on climate change and are now backing Joe Biden for president. Both Christine Todd Whitman, who was George W. Bush’s EPA chief, and William K. Reilly, George H.W. Bush’s EPA administrator, state they are backing Biden because of Trump’s deprecation of the agency’s science and history. Whitman stated, “It is only those with their heads buried in the sand that don’t think climate change is occurring, and that’s Donald Trump.”

Both state that they worked well with Biden when he was a senator and that they back his plan to curb greenhouse gasses.

Glenn McCreery

Idaho Falls