The lead story in the Nation and World section of the Post Register this past Saturday caught my eye. The Associated Press featured a positive story on President Donald Trump. They actually gave him credit for our robust national economy.

Trump deserves more recognition for his numerous other achievements, which includes handling the serious situation along the southern border, better relations with our foreign adversaries, his strong pro-life stance, improving services for our veterans, etc. I could write a commentary on his numerous accomplishments, and perhaps I will do so in the future.

Meanwhile, the national media could learn a good lesson of journalistic integrity from the Post Register and other newspapers across Idaho. A healthy majority of reporters here in the Gem State are fair and balanced, especially when covering controversial stories.

Reluctant as I am to admit this as a Trump enthusiast, he could and should tone down his rhetoric of “fake news.” No doubt, the president has been seriously abused by the national press and anyone with a conscience and a sense of decency recognizes that fact. However, using controversial terms just throws fuel on the fire, increasing reporters’ ire against the president often with unjustified anti-Trump rhetoric.

I do ask myself if the national media and our chief executive will ever reach a truce. I doubt it. Whether Trump is a one or two term president, I fear that sparring and jousting will continue, ad nauseam.

Bob Ziel


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