I’ve known Kevin Cook in different capacities for over 15 years. As a leader of youth, he inspired my children. As a classroom volunteer, he has impressed me with his desire to help and serve children with extra support in their education.

Once, in a casual conversation about education in Idaho, Kevin became interested in what I had to say about my experience in the classroom. This type of conversation I have had with many, but the subject always stayed as just a conversation. Kevin didn’t want just to know my ideas, he wanted to experience what I had shared with him. It was then that he decided to volunteer in my classroom. For the last five years, he has been a constant presence in many of my students’ educational experiences. Throughout the years my students have been inspired as well by his dedication and encouragement.

His commitment to education goes far beyond the interest of his own children. He cares deeply about the quality of education of all children in Idaho. He is an advocate for post-secondary education in different capacities. And he sees the need for preparing our students to stay and work in Idaho. Kevin knows that students are Idaho’s investment in the future.

For the past 15 years, I have known Kevin to be an excellent listener who fully considers options before making important decisions. He will bring to the Senate his vision, expertise, dedication and commitment to serve his constituents.

Ximena Schneider

Idaho Falls