Christmas is always a special time of year because of Jesus whom we celebrate. It is Him that we give thanks to and it is His love, and His love alone, that brings peace and joy to an often difficult time of year for some.

I am one of five people from Watersprings Church who participate in a prison ministry. We are a team of religious volunteers that were blessed, once again, to be able to throw a Christmas party for the young men and women at St. Anthony’s Juvenile Corrections Center.

This small act of coming together to share some laughs, give some gifts, sing some songs, and eat some goodies will, without a doubt, make an everlasting impact.

For a second consecutive year, the local businesses of Idaho Falls and Ammon opened their hearts to us to support our efforts in making this impact. The gift basket donations given by Geraldine’s Bake Shop & Deli, Mrs. Powell’s Bakery and Deli, Love at First Bite, Perkins Kneaders Bakery and The Cookie Place enabled us to teach the kids about giving by allowing them to present the baskets of goodies to the guards and staff as a gesture of thanks for the positive influence they’ve had on their lives.

The generosity and kindness of these businesses were overwhelming and the appreciation from the guards and staff could be summed up in their smiles. We give a heartfelt thank you to these business owners and their staff for making our local community so great.

Shad Davis

Idaho Falls

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