I would like to know how Mr. Larson can make the analogy between the yellow armbands of Nazi Germany and the red MAGA hats of today.

I hope any intelligent person can realize the Jewish people were not gleefully donning their armbands and heading off to some rally. These armbands were forced on them to identify them as Jews, and after 6 million of them had been exterminated by your "fallen angels," I hardly think anyone with any feelings or understanding of history would say they were picked on because of the armbands — the armbands were part of their terrorization.

I understand there are trolls on social media who tear people down, and it is a sad statement on our society right now. The way you spin the facts of the world is troubling to me, but I do overall respect your opinion. However, you need to take a step back from comparing people yelling and criticizing the MAGA folks from the Nazis systematic extermination of millions of people.

It is an insult to the victims of the Holocaust, plain and simple.

Tom Hersh

Idaho Falls

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