Neal Larson's Tuesday column was about as bad as I've seen the Post Register publish. It seems to have been written by a guy who just really wants to be able to say and do without consequence the horrible things that white men used to be able to say and do.

He willfully misrepresents the new health care bills in New York and Virginia as if they are the same thing as the Holocaust. People in this country are being killed because of nasty, hateful rhetoric like that.

But his worst crime was to make a comparison between the mild, verbal response to people who voluntarily wear red MAGA hats (a symbol that represents very bad, anti-American policies with overtly racist backing) and what Nazis forced the Jews in Germany to wear. That is as disgusting an abuse of logic, reason and decency as I have ever seen in your paper.

And Mr. Larson, I have no worries about fascism coming from people who want Americans to be decent and less racist. I don't fear what you fear, apparently. I worry more about actual Nazis, like the ones that support Trump and wear that hat.

Dan Henry

Idaho Falls

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