Mr. Larson takes issue with the idea of “your truth.” He stated that “The truth is not some fungible commodity,” thereby implying that somehow truth is constant and never varies.

His examples include House Speaker Pelosi’s definition of a wall as immoral and the phrase “gender confirmation” regarding an inmate’s court-ordered sex-change operation.

Larson’s description of physical walls, versus the speaker’s symbolic definition of the border wall, is an apples-to-oranges comparison and not an example of “your truth.”

However, his example of “anatomical exchange” versus “gender identity” to describe truth stems from a lack of understanding of biology. Biology is a wonderful world. Nothing is certain. It constantly changes and amazes us with variations in colors displayed by birds and in the billions of life forms on this earth. Think about the evolution of “life” and the differences between you, the food that you eat and the virus that makes you sick.

Like color, the variation of physical and behavioral gender characteristics in animals, including the human animal, is well documented in the scientific literature.

In biology, there are human observations and definitions, but no truth beyond the physics of matter.  Humans – not biology – define an animal with male genitalia as “male” and animals with female genitalia as “female.”

Biology could care less how we humans define gender.  I’m reminded of a paraphrase of the Harvard rule of animal behavior: Under carefully controlled conditions, animals behave as they damn well please.  The same is true for genes, hormones and gender; two X chromosomes does not always equal “female.”

John Snyder

Idaho Falls

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