While your commentary page has been struggling since Corey Taule found honest work, and Trillhaase was a major loss, you outdid yourself with the writer who was thrilled that states are finally allowing the murder of full-term babies. I believe he called themĀ "health care bills."

Nothing says health like dead babies. The halfwit Democratic governor of New York and the racist Democratic governor of Virginia both signed into law bills allowing those states to suck the brains out of viable humans. That's enough to make you cheer, which the New York lawmakers did when Cuomo legalized the practice. I really enjoyed the racist Democrat Virginia governor telling us how they would make a baby comfy while deciding if snuffable. Classy Democrat who really looked good in blackface. I guess the letter writer was pro-healthcare because we are now on moral par with North Korea.

The author saved his outrage for the evil and racist (designed by a Virginia Democrat?) anti-American (gasp, shudder) MAGA caps. Who wouldn't?

Concluding, not only is the former slave party, KKK party, Jim Crow party, segregation party, current Marx party not only racists who laughingly mock minorities but who cheer murdering babies for convenience sake. Sign me up.

Frank Clark


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