Not long ago the Post Register began including an op-ed on Wednesdays from the Bonneville County Republicans and one from the Bonneville County Democrats on Thursdays. The benefactors are the voters of the area because they can become better informed. Numerous individuals contribute to the Republican column while most of the Democrat letters are penned by Miranda Marquit.

In a recent op-ed, she blasted our legislators on the subject of Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, she is apparently uninformed about the complexity of the issue.

Medicaid expansion is currently funded about 90 percent by the federal government with states picking up around 10 percent. The federal government is nearly $22 trillion in debt and increasing. If a decision were made to reduce the federal participation, Idaho taxpayers would be left holding the bag for whatever the feds would not pay.

That is a very precarious position. Plus Idaho revenues are softening which means Legislators must proceed very cautiously because once this law is in place it will be very difficult to amend.

Michael Armstrong

Idaho Falls

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