What used to be a beautiful city is fast becoming unbelievably trashy. There are weeds of every kind, size, color and style, from dry enough to burn to still green and growing on streets, alleys, vacant areas, etc., from downtown to the outskirts. It is so bad that there are areas of the city that could burn to the ground due to the quantity and dryness of the weeds and trash.

This is an absolute disgrace, along with truly demonstrating the people responsible for keeping the city clean of weeds and old trash don’t give a damn, and that the city leaders are evidently too busy doing God only knows except spending tons of taxpayer dollars, for what? Certainly not a police facility.

Then what appears to be a tire shop just south of the tracks on the South Yellowstone Highway, a teetotal eyesore mess and the empty vacated old station just south of that. There are unbelievable eyesores on an entrance to downtown — same thing on the west side of the North Yellowstone Highway around the old stockyards, a huge area, waiting to burn from tons of dried wood, trash and dry weeds all over.

Again, some people, from workers to departments to city leaders, are either not doing their jobs or it’s been decided to just let the city become a trashy fire hazard and cluttered up mess, which appears to be the case. Even worse than the failed event center.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls