There are so many issues to write a letter about: our nationwide pandemic with so many infected, dead, and so poorly handled on many levels, millions of lost jobs, many homeless, loss of health insurance and Trump attempting to destroy the Affordable Care Act, the imminent danger of losing Social Security and Medicare, foreign cyber warfare on our election, schools reopening...

Wait, what? I’m a senior — loss of Social Security and Medicare? How did that get in there and why aren’t we hearing more about it? Trump, instead of supporting the HEROES Act, did a couple executive orders, one temporarily halting the collection of the FICA tax which supports Medicare and Social Security. He’s promised to continue that if he wins re-election.

If he wins we lose. The FICA tax is like an insurance premium for Social Security programs and Medicare. It not only helps seniors but younger people with disabilities. These are two of the most successful programs in our country’s history and hated by Republicans since their inception.

Do you really want Granny and Gramps moving in because we did not care to help our elderly?

One of many reasons to vote Trump and his Republican Cult out of office.

Dallas Chase