Several recent writers have been guilty of literary malpractice with an inferior diagnosis of several problems. Proper treatment and solutions require a correct diagnosis of the root cause.

The symptoms may not be the actual disease and treating them as such can lead to fatal errors.

In particular, a beating human heart signifies life at that point.

Guns or any other tool require a human hand or hands to operate.

Abortion always equals death.

Killing an innocent human beating heart is morally wrong. Same result if you call it a fetus to salve a conscience.

There’s no ifs, ands, buts or maybes. Man is the only animal that kills its unborn babies.”

It is against natural law.

Melting down a gun, knife or ax or even burning a drunk driver’s car does little to change the crime.

Why the blame innocent humans or inanimate objects for penile indiscretion and or a mentally sick, misguided and deficient society? Perhaps we need to fix this first.

Maybe it’s time to revoke some liberal, literary, licenses. Might start with Bob Ziel’s list and add Dan Henry and Trina.

Gene Kantack

Idaho Falls

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