I never cease to be amazed by so many liberal hypocrites among us. To be fair and open-minded, I acknowledge there are conservatives who are also hypocritical, but not to the extent of the left.

In a recent mean-spirited column written by Bob Goetsch, he stated that “Republican politicians, like Mark Fuller, don’t just dislike democracy, they’re terrified of it.” Really, Bob?

I know of no Republicans or conservatives who are “terrified” of democracy, that’s nonsense.

Shelton Beach of Blackfoot claims that he doesn’t “recall Hillary (Clinton) being a sore loser.” Clinton has publically moaned and groaned over her loss to Donald Trump on many occasions.

Eugene Risbon of Salmon accused President Trump of telling “a bald-faced lie” over Trump’s prediction that he and Pence would win. Numerous other candidates have also falsely predicted victory over their opponents.

Is Risbon going to be fair by also citing other politicians for so-called bald-faced lies?

Jim Sathe of Idaho Falls associated Trump with “evil.” For Sathe to link Trump to evil is erroneous.

I have an intense dislike for Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Cuomo and Newsom, but as a rational, responsible conservative, I don’t hate them. Also, I avoid calling them evil.

Since Trump will soon be retiring as our chief executive, who is the national press going to be picking on next?

Good question.

Meanwhile, after reading what Fuller, Beach, Risbon, Sathe and other local liberals are saying about Trump, they’ll also have to find another scapegoat to vent their political frustrations.

Bob Ziel