It is truly mind-boggling to see so many Post Register commentators who don't believe or accept what's actually happening — some who extol their pompous self-importance way beyond reality. Most, if not all, who are so blinded by hatred (don't think they even know why) or espousing what they really don't know anything about.

A fact: Iran blinked. Not one American was killed. Unlike George W. Bush, we didn't attack. Unlike Obama, we didn't try to buy our way out. Rather, we stood tall and proud like most Americans used to do.

The pitiful part is some keep writing multiple long columns every month, describing their utter lack of real-world awareness or acceptance. Some write the same few hate-filled sentences (just with different words) several times a month with no thought of acknowledging or accepting what's really occurring.

It's great the Constitution supports freedom of speech which, I'm sure, means freedom to write whatever, even if there is scant truth in any of it.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls