I just finished writing an email to the Idaho legislature to convince them to quit trying to make the Medicaid bill less than what it is.

I asked how can any Idaho resident not know of a person in their community that needs medical assistance that would benefit from the Medicaid expansion. I gave four examples of such people, and I can think of a few more that I could have told about.

Miranda, I think you are right. In 2016, when the expansion was still not tabled for that year I sent an email to all the representatives and senators about the expansion and onlytwo2 responded. They ignored or despised me then and probably will do it again.

I wanted them to know this is not a bunch of hooligan, liberal villains trying to turn our state into a socialistic society as they sometimes fear. I refrained from writing my thoughts and tried to stick to facts. It is honest, good-hearted people trying to be empathetic towards the thousands who need help with their medical expenses. If they do not know someone needing help they probably have their heads too deep in the right-wing Freedom Foundation sand.

Look out for backlash.

R. A. Priest


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