My hat's off to Rep. John Vander Woude for proposing a bill to not only keeping the health care gap open but widen it. What on earth are you thinking?

We voted for the expansion to close the gap and provide health care for those who need it. We did not vote to have restrictions placed on it. By proposing work requirements on Medicaid, you have totally disregarded the will of the people, you have also discouraged those who qualify for Medicaid and need the help from applying, and you have disparaged those who do work and are paying into a system that they cannot use when they need it.

Referring back to a statement that you made recently: "I believe there is a benefit if we can move people off a government program and be self-sustaining." What benefit? I don't see it.

People wouldn't need Medicaid if they could afford health insurance elsewhere. That was the reason to expand Medicaid in the first place: to provide an option for health care to those who cannot afford private insurance through the healthcare exchange.

I find it ironic that 57 percent of the people in your area voted for the expansion. Now if they didn't know what they were voting for when they voted last November, maybe they didn't know who they voted for when they voted you into office.

Richard T. DeMott

Idaho Falls

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