In the early hours of 2020 the United States was suddenly attacked by an unseen enemy who has now killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. We are now at war with Covid-19, and while not a shooting war, it is a war nevertheless. And when the history of this war is written, where will you stand: will you stand with those who supported our front line troops, the medical community, by heeding their pleas to wear masks, etc., thus protecting you, your community and the health care workers, or will you stand behind your "personal freedoms", thus endangering yourself, your community and the very ones that will take care of you should you become a casualty of this war.

And hurrah to some of our local business who have gone where our politicians dare to tread: No shirt, no shoes, no masks, no service: a win-win for everybody because business' stay open, and the virus is controlled. So come on, Idaho, cowboy up and wear a mask.

Jeff Ring

Idaho Falls