It now seems to be the fad for businesses and hospitals to prohibit customers from carrying guns on their premises. I wonder if they have noticed that most mass murders happen in gun-free zones. My uncle always asks me if I am well prepared when I shop at Walmart, which I do less and less since they began their anti-gun policies some years ago.

So I have a question: If a business is going to prohibit me from carrying a gun for my protection (I have a concealed carry permit and have needed my gun twice to protect myself from others who were trying to harm me) are they going to hire armed guards to see that I am protected while on their property? And if they fail to protect me, does that make them liable for loss of life or harm that comes to me, as they are should I slip and fall in their store? Think Mandalay Bay. The store has to take "reasonable" precautions, so I will be expecting to see armed guards at Walmart, Walgreens and other businesses very soon.

Of course, I know they are private businesses and can make their own policies — unless it's discriminatory. Hmm ... are they discriminating against gun owners? Where's my pocket Constitution? I'm betting that there are attorneys out there that will be chomping at the bit to head to court over this question.

Andi Elliott