Our lieutenant governor was quick to criticize Gov. Little when he implemented the COVID-19 protection and the reopening guidelines. She, as well as the Idaho Freedom Foundation, was critical of the shutdown of businesses, especially bars and restaurants like hers. Granted, those were hard moves to take, but that is what was called for. Instead of helping, she did all she could to hinder. We all recognize the importance of small businesses, but when does our health come into play?

We have been in Stage 4 for a very long time. But as you move around Idaho Falls, you can easily see that the guidelines aren’t being followed. The guidelines call for no more than 50 people where appropriate physical distancing is observed. It doesn’t take much looking around at bars, gyms and restaurants to see that is ignored.

The Centers for Disease Control report for Idaho is horrible. We have been red for multiple weeks now. We are eighth in the country for new cases and third in the country for the highest rate of positivity. Any recommendations put out by the Public Health Department are basically ignored, and here were are with one intensive care unit bed left.

Ms. McGeachin, you are very clear that you plan to seek the governor’s office next term. So, instead of criticizing the governor, why don’t you tell us what you would have done and what your plan is? If we don’t get this under control quickly, you may not have a business.

Ken Martin

Idaho Falls