In 1991 in January, I was placed in custody for violation of civil protection order, a misdemeanor, but shortly after that, ballooned into two felonies for kidnap and rape of my former wife Silvia Canido.

In August 1991, I was sentenced up to life for crimes I did not commit.

I assumed I was innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I was wrong. I was guilty until I proved innocent. My life sentence has turned into my death sentence. Yes, I am dying in an Idaho prison. The only one thing Idaho hasn’t taken from me yet is my physical life. Folks, the jury in 1991 adjudged me wrong.

Where’s my justice as such? Would any of you want to die wrongfully imprisoned as I am, 71 years of age?

Where are my truth and justice? Feel free to contact me. You can locate me on the Idaho Department of Correction website.

Michael Whitley