Are we gullible Idahoans? The task force would have us believe teachers indoctrinate (blind acceptance) children with “lurking, insidious” communist, Marxist teachings. Indoctrination is wrong, yet these conspiracists ask us to believe their hearsay without evidence. Children should not learn the “left” way but should learn the “right” way.

Critical thinking, social justice and diversity are evil and will corrupt our children. Witch-hunting is OK in Idaho, driving away good teachers and administrators, as though we haven’t lost a ton already. Our children are not worthy of a good education starting early and ending in higher education.

It’s OK — Idaho is the 50th state in funding for education but has lots of money to defend unconstitutional laws and witch hunts. My guess is if we were to track bills introduced in legislations around the country, Koch, Heritage Foundation, American Legislative Exchange Council, etc. would be feeding extreme right bills into sycophantic groups like Idaho Freedom Foundation who then, with tons of money, feed them into gullible legislators, threatening them with their Index.

And what’s behind all of this — privatization of education? Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Lois Morgan


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