To an extent, he’s probably right. My first draft was much better, but it was 1,004 words. I had to cut out some of the really good text and references that buttressed my case. However, I stand behind my final draft published in the Post Register.

The first letter Ziel wrote that I recall made an apology for Trump’s surly obnoxious behavior. Ziel, rather proudly, mentioned that both he and Trump were from Queens, New York and that’s just the way people talk there. I’ve known a number of people from Queens, and they are just as polite as people from anywhere else. Ziel is the one insulting people from Queens, and I took offense.

Ziel twists words in my quote of Ezra Klein’s New York Times article regarding the “pro-war” crowd’s cover-up of their war support for 20 years. This analysis from Klein is shared by many foreign policy experts. Anyone that reads fact-checked major media, rather than social media, knows that this criticism is in no way aimed at our military. It is aimed at the right-wing members of Congress and industries that profit from war. No general down to private wants war. I salute the ones who have served in any capacity, even Ziel.

Lastly, President Biden has been a little bit busy putting a government back together that Trump wrecked. Ziel takes a cheap shot at President Biden by inferring he had nothing better to do for seven months than leave Afghanistan.

Jim Key

Idaho Falls

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