I support Elizabeth Cogliati and Lara Hill, trustees of the Idaho Falls School District 91 School Board. A small, vocal group of parents have led the campaign to recall them after they voted with trustee Hillary Radcliffe to move three of the district’s high schools to a hybrid model on Sept. 30. Ms. Cogliati and Ms. Hill made this decision based on input from large numbers of parents, teachers, school support personnel and the Eastern Idaho Public Health District.

By moving to hybrid, students were able to socially distance so that fewer students needed to quarantine based on a confirmed case. It kept students and staff safe. This decision was supported by a large number of parents even if they were less vocal than those calling for the recall. This small group have continued to pursue the recall even after these trustees moved the high schools back to in-person learning four days per week when it was safe to do so.

These parents seem set on punishing Ms. Cogliati and Ms. Hill for making one decision that they didn’t agree with. While they claim that they want a recall because these trustees do not listen to parents, it seems that they want trustees who only listen to them, not to all parents and stakeholders. Please vote no on the recall for trustee Cogliati in March and trustee Hill in May so that they may continue to make the hard, thoughtful decisions based on input from all stakeholders.

Kim Nate

Idaho Falls