I woke up Sunday morning in a good frame of mind while reflecting on something that happened about 20 years ago during a trip to visit a friend in Montana. Reading a few of the comments in letters that morning turned my attention to this incident. There was a twist. I thought I would add a little nonsense, for what it is worth.

I was driving into Missoula from the Bitterroot Valley when a driver behind me started blowing his horn. He kept this up. I ignored him and maintained my speed. Maybe it was my Idaho license plate. After all, there is a major university there and the town is rather liberal. Does this ring a bell? In fact, I have heard it referred to “Berkeley East.” This nonsense continued as we drove into town.

By this time the guy must have had a conniption. Frustrated, he finally broke off and headed for wherever he was not going. In hindsight, I wonder if Jefferson might have had a premonition when he drew up that huge land deal and sent Lewis and Clark on ahead to smoke out more than a river route to the Pacific.

Evan Tibbott


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