It is ironic that those who claim to be the staunch defenders of freedom are the ones who adamantly oppose the freedom to vote as one chooses, particularly if that choice requires changing party affiliation as the result of the party’s decision to limit choice to those formally affiliated with that party.

The words of a former law professor and Utah Supreme Court justice, Dallin H. Oaks, are instructive: “There are many political issues, and no party, platform, or individual candidate can satisfy all personal preferences. Each citizen must therefore decide which issues are most important to him or her at any particular time. ... This process will not be easy. It may require changing party support or candidate choices, even from election to election. Such independent actions will sometimes require voters to support candidates or political parties or platforms whose other positions they cannot approve.”

Knowledgeable and informed citizens must be free to vote one’s conscience and free to express that choice without arbitrary restrictions and limitations.

Boyd Peterson


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