It’s amazing how a 50-year-old academic theory that almost nobody has ever heard of is an existential crisis for the country all of a sudden. Given the right’s ability to manufacture fake outrage, it makes you think that perhaps critical race theory has merit and should be taught in our public schools.

Dan Henry

Dan Henry

As I understand it, critical race theory holds that our legal system and other institutions are forged in racism, and that Black people cannot expect a predominantly white America to correct that built-in bias. Perhaps critical race theory is true. I’d like to see it studied.

A much bigger problem for America is the willingness for the right to be motivated by conspiratorial lies. Just think about every other wedge issue they have fabricated over the last few decades. Marriage equality was going to destroy the family. Democrats were going to take your guns. Obamacare was going to have death panels. And transgender people using bathrooms was somehow a problem.

Now we have a GOP that believes the weird lie that the last presidential election was stolen. They are busy trying to crack down on voting rights in response. I suppose that’s slightly better than outright insurrection, but not much.

Given that conservatives can be trained to oppose evolution and global warming, is it any surprise that they can be taught to think that basic hygiene precautions during a worldwide pandemic are a threat to their freedom?

America needs a healthy conservative party. But the GOP will not heal until decent conservatives stop putting up with the shallow fear-mongering that has taken the place of adult policy-making, beyond tax cuts for the wealthy and unconstitutional and anti-freedom stunts like those behind the critical race theory witch-hunt in Idaho. The GOP has to stop pandering to the gullible using baseless wedge issues.

So, are you a decent conservative that will work to heal the GOP? Admit you’re tired of the faux outrage. Use your voting and donating power over the next few elections to tell the GOP to shape up.

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