Now that summer is nearly upon us, expect more riots in major cities across the U.S. As atmospheric temperatures rise, so will the level of hot tempers and political pandemonium. No, I’m not the drama king of southeastern Idaho but rather a realist. As the saying goes, “History repeats itself.”

Liberal mayors and city councils in major metro regions outside of Idaho are defunding police. Perhaps worst of all is New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio plans to cut the police budget there by a billion dollars. It should be no surprise that homicides and other serious crimes in big cities are up by as much as 50%.

Remember when former President Donald Trump offered assistance to crack down hard on the terrible destruction from Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other revolutionaries? Love him, hate him, like him or dislike him, Trump had the right idea. Many responsible Americans are disgusted with the absurdity of the political far left.

Liberal Democratic Party heads from President Joe Biden downward to local levels of government remain oblivious and ignorant by not doing nearly enough to quell rioting. Fortunately, Republicans and conservative Idaho leaders are a tough, but peaceful lot, who have no tolerance for rioters. Serious civil disruptions are non-existent in our state thanks to their sense of justice with a pro-law and a pro-cop attitude.

Now, if only leftist leaders in Washington, D.C., and urban areas across America would learn from commonsense Idaho law enforcement, our great country would be peaceful again and in much better shape.

Bob Ziel


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