My very brief letter supporting Bob Ziel’s analysis of so-called critical race theory was published on the same Sunday page next to a letter by Bob Goetsch, naming me and attributing views I don’t hold.

I am not making a case against legislation to help the disadvantaged. Mr. Goetsch should be able to respect the distinction between individual guilt earned through one’s own behaviors, acts and omissions, and collective guilt imposed by virtue of one’s race. Arguments founded on collective guilt make bad politics and worse policy.

If the government chooses to fund programs to remedy a gap in education, the benefits should be race-blind, designed to help all individuals similarly impaired regardless of race. But to put policy discussions like this in terms of inherited guilt (as Mr. Goetsch evidently would have us do) is not just divisive, it is as irrational as racism itself.

Critical race theory degrades the discussion.

Jay B. Gaskill

Idaho Falls

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