What do you say to the college professor who writes that the Communist Manifesto has nothing to do with the socialist programs our state and nation have adopted? I’ve been struggling a bit with that one because the only word that comes to mind is “wow.”

For the record, in response to Carolyn Rhodes Shenton, who says, “Never did they (Marx and Engeles) advocate for any of the programs we now enjoy.”

Oh really? Then why did they specifically write in support of the abolition of private property, a progressive income tax, a central banking system, government-run transportation systems, free public education and an end to youth employment? It does not take a lot of research to prove this is true.

The objective of the authors was and remains a political one. For the communists, socialists and Marxists, it’s “mission accomplished.” We’ve adopted the tenants of the Communist Manifesto and then some. We have a mostly centralized economy with some capitalist components remaining, not the other way around. Nearly every young person will attend a government school. They’ll be turned down for work because the law bans youth employment. When they get jobs, they’ll pay a progressive income tax. They’ll commute to work on government roads, passing by all the land owned or controlled by the government.

The system we have today can only be described as capitalist because we happen to call it that. Maybe that is because government teachers and professors have taught people to believe it.

Doyle Beck

Idaho Falls

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