Trina Pettingill recently advocated sacking Rep. Mike Simpson for his no vote on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. There is a basketful of good reasons to sack Rep. Simpson but over a paltry $3 billion is likely not high on the list. Maybe Simpson voted no because Idaho wasn’t getting its fair share — a measly $3 billion out of $1.2 trillion?

Trina, I will be with you on Simpson if you can both justify and detail where the $1,197 billion are going? Even better if you could explain from where the money is coming from. And please don’t fall back on our gibberish-speaking president’s claim that it’s all paid for.

A slightly modified quote from the late Sen. Everett Dirksen’s may be worth considering as we dig a deeper and deeper hole with our national debt, “A thousand billions here and a thousand billions there, and pretty soon you are talking some real money.”

Where or when will it ever end — as the current leadership pushes forward to pass another roughly $2 trillion dollar ( $2,000 billion) social infrastructure bill?

W. L. Scouten


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