I have been reading letters to the editor and guest columns for years, agree with some and disagree with some. I think that is normal. If I recognize people that constantly write, I usually skip those because they obviously think we are interested in every option they have. It might be their form of trying to be heard or listened to, so that’s OK also.

I have been reading guest articles by Dr. Kenneth Krell also, always stating our hospital workers are overworked and the infection rate of COVID-19 doesn’t have to be so high. That is probably true. What isn’t being said is that the top three causes of death in the USA are 1) heart disease, 2) cancer, and 3) medical errors and mistakes.

This is what I do for a living, I study errors and mistakes in the workplace. While I don’t want anyone to get sick from COVID-19, it has a high survival rate. That is not the case with medical errors and mistakes. I think our doctors and nurses are doing the best that they can. But if they really want to reduce deaths in the USA, they need to concentrate on places that errors and mistakes can cause severe consequences.

If they want to know how to do that, there is a process that they can do. Almost everyone I know has experienced a medical error or mistake. I have at least five stories myself at local hospitals.

Peggy Bush

Idaho Falls