Speaking of “death of democracy,” let’s look at House Resolution 1: Any lawsuits challenging HR 1 could only be filed in the District of Columbia. It mandates automatic voter registration and forces states to accept absentee ballots up to 10 days after election.

It makes it illegal to verify the address of registered voters, cross-checking voter registration to find individuals registered in multiple states, or ever removing registrants, no matter how much time has passed.

It also bans state voter ID laws and ensures illegal immigrants can vote. It allows politicians to use campaign funds for personal use.

Yesterday I saw a documentary of a book burning in Hitler’s Germany. That action reminded me of recent action by publishers breaking book contracts by senator Josh Hawley; at least he is in good company — that of Doctor Suess. How about the Steele dossier and the FBI agents who testified before Congress that there would’ve been no investigation without it.

What about Adam Schiff lying for years that he had seen evidence of Trump’s collusion? How about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications committing perjury? How about Obama stating about 20 times he did not have the power to allow illegals into the country because he was not a king, then exercising his pen amd phone?

What about the assault on free speech: Parler killed by big tech, thus not allowing conservatives to speak, but not speaking out against China’s violation of human rights?

Howard Randall