It’s been a tough race with lots of Republicans in heated competition for the title, but I’ve reached a decision. Please consider this letter my nomination of Ed Humphreys for Biggest Snowflake for his attempt to remodel the entire state of Idaho’s educational system as his personal safe space. Rep. Nate is a close second but Humphreys’ inability to distinguish between bigotry and racism wins the day. (The two issues are related but not the same thing.) Hat tip to both however for showing those stupid libs how to do cancel culture.

Not to short runner-up, Rep. Nate. He claims discourse on the impact of history on society offends Idaho values. That’s funny. In my discussions with Idaho values, they said they fully embrace teaching critical race theory, women’s studies, etc. Idaho values also told me they are down with doing the hard work of coming to terms with the racist and misogynistic bits of our history and our present. I suspect Idaho values may be having some fun at Rep. Nate’s expense.

If you’re not Humphreys or Nate don’t despair. This is an open competition and you still have a chance. Don’t think strong contenders like Rep. Chad “Hey Everyone Look At Me, I’m A Victim” Christensen haven’t been noticed. C’mon Chad. Up your game. Show these pikers some real snowflakery.

In the meantime, congrats to Humphreys and Nate. Don’t bother to thank me, boys. You’ve earned this all on your own.

Vic Allen

Idaho Falls

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