On April 26, the Idaho Falls Water Department held a public meeting at the City Council chambers room to review and present current and future plans, actions and needs to assure the continued service, distribution and supply of water (precious water) to all Idaho Falls City users (you would not believe the daily consumption). The presentation was great, comprehensive, informative and very professionally presented but there were only six people from the public. A disgrace on the part of the citizens and proof the city has to find a better way of notifying the public of such events.

For those, some whom I've heard complain loudly about it, who don't want or support water meters for all users, they would have been made aware of what having and not having metered water would mean to the city and them financially, besides the water saved rather than being wasted, which showed metered water saves everyone money.  To the Water Department's credit, they did not push metered water but did clearly describe the many benefits.

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