What a sad somber day of remembrance this is; the saddest part, as I watch the media presentation, is the lack of one whole political division. There are no Republicans participating. Our beloved "conservative" party has been taken hostage by an evil personage, Trump, and has been transformed into a sniveling, frightened shadow of its former existence. As an 80 year old, I have definite fear of what our country will promise for my grandchildren. Will our nation be a haven of democracy, or republic, or will young people in the country be crushed under an autocracy or even a dictatorship?

The nation is gripped by division, violence and white supremacy leanings promoted by Republicans. We had an honest, secure election in 2020 and chose by a large margin President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Believe that. I would challenge any Republican to offer up confirmed incidences of voter fraud in 2020 or any corruption involved in the counting and confirmation of the votes. Well, I did hear of two events of fraud, both perpetrated by Republican voters, and those cannot count in my stated challenge.

Idaho is a one-party state ruled by far-right extremists right now, chiefly those politicians who have pledged themselves to the Idaho Freedom Foundation and a corrupt former president. I truly believe history will accurately remember the participants of this tragic attempt to subvert democracy and all will be judged. It remains my fervent prayer that brave party members will yet come forward to denounce the leaders for their total failure to discount and reject "the big lie" promoted by Trump and his base. My fear is that we may be too late to save this wonderful experiment of the republic and democracy.

Marie Fisher

Idaho FallsĀ 

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