Dear America: It is time to look in the mirror. It is time for universal health care and building a premium health care system. The coronavirus pandemic has been a godsend for the Republican rich and powerful class that rules over this country. Our president delayed mobilization to fight the virus and allowed it to fester and grow. It validates the inequalities in our health care system that caters to our white, rich population but leaves the poor uninsured and prime candidates for death from COVID-19.

These poor and old people that are dying will reduce the cost of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps and other programs that are a drain on our very tight budget. We need more tax breaks for the rich and powerful, not the poor. These poor and old people have underlying health conditions, so they are not well suited for living anyway. The Nazis put Jews on trains for their last ride to their deaths. In this great country, we are using ambulances, after all, we are not Nazis. This genocide is unseen and making America great again.

Kurt Smith