Please allow me six minutes of your time.

Google “NBC Dateline The Confession Part 4.”

Two Idaho Falls civil-servants, Jared Fuhriman and Ken Brown, unequivocally stating Chris Tapp was lying when they questioned him.

Idaho Falls Post Register article from May 23, 2019, titled “Key witness in Tapp case recants testimony.” Destiny Osborn stated, “I was manipulated and coerced and fed a huge story and threatened 23 years ago by the many members of the Idaho Falls Police Department to falsely testify against Chris Tapp.”

Bonneville County Court filing in March 2018 — allegedly a local senior-citizen was told by Silvia Canido that she (Canido) was coerced by Jared Fuhriman in 1991 to lie in court, stating that Canido’s ex-husband, Michael Whiteley, had kidnapped and raped her (Canido) or she (Canido) would be excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and possibly killed if she (Canido) did not lie in court. Whiteley has now served 29 years and is 70 years old, after 17 appeals, still appealing.

I support the popular consensus that 99% of law enforcement are good, honest people. The residents of Idaho Falls do not deserve the stain of a couple (?) of dirty cops. Fuhriman and Brown, et al. should be tried, sentenced and punished. They’re not above the law.

Lyman Martin

Idaho Falls