I support the 2nd Amendment and am a long time NRA member. A recent event was reported in Boise involving a local politician and his companions who open carried weapons to a sit-down restaurant. Apparently, some other customers became uncomfortable, and the management placed a curtain creating a visual shield between the weapons bearing customers and the other patrons. As told by the Post Register, the politician was offended and stated his intent to create a boycott of the dining establishment.

This reminded me of the situation several years ago in which a group of persons who open carried firearms took control of the nearby BLM office, creating an armed confrontation between themselves and law enforcement officers. A local resident was asked her opinion of the situation. She, in part, stated that, while most of the local residents were comfortable around firearms, they considered the open carry of weapons in some situations to be "impolite."

As world populations continue to expand, civility is becoming even more important than it was in the past. The individuals who carried firearms into the restaurant were within their constitutional rights. The owner of the business also had a right to exercise control of his property. In today's environment of extensively reported mass shootings, many people are understandably worried when firearms are openly visible in public. I suggest that everyone just try harder to be sensitive to the feelings and opinions of others, and in the words of Rodney King "just get along."

Alan Zohner


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