The recent Post Register article regarding city leaders looking at ways to entice more people to the area is certainly noteworthy, but there are few things that should be addressed first.

1. Water

Idaho Falls is one of, if not the last, cities to have metered water at every home, business and water using entity within the city. Contrary to general opinion, we will not have a never-ending supply of water. One mild winter, a problem. Two mild winters in a row, brown fields and yards from Ashton to Mountain Home. Metered water will stop the large amounts of water currently being wasted within the city.

2. Police compound

A modern, stand-alone, state of the art police station is badly needed now, let alone after a big influx of people. Along with a modern, stand-alone police station, increase the number of traffic control officers to address the ever-increasing business and suburb areas.

3. Woodruff and Lincoln

Complete the four lanes of Woodruff from Lincoln to the Ririe highway intersection, thus eliminating the current, let alone, future huge bottleneck. These items should be addressed before we fill the place with more transplants.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls