An O.J. verdict is what we saw today in the case of a Preston biology teacher who was charged with animal cruelty.

The Attorney General found probable cause to charge Robert Crossland with animal cruelty for feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle. Crossland was in violation of the law for possessing the turtle. It was confiscated by the authorities and euthanized. Was he charged/fined?

Second, the puppy was sick (though not verified by a vet). If sick then Idaho law says the puppy had to receive proper care or be humanely euthanized. Where are the charges against the owner of the puppy who failed to provide adequate care? A quick bullet would have put the puppy out of its misery and given it a merciful death.

Third, did Crossland cause the puppy to suffer? Dropping it into a tank of water and being eaten alive would reasonably be considered to have caused needless suffering to the animal,a violation of Idaho statues Ch. 25.

Fourth, the National Science Teachers Association guidelines ensure that animals are properly cared for and treated humanely, responsibly, and ethically. Crossland failed here too.

So Crossland was responsible for the deaths of two animals and demonstrated to kids that animal cruelty is acceptable, something that my biology students never learned from me.

Showboating resulted in being charged with a crime, incurring legal bills, a damaged reputation and national notoriety. I’m guessing that Mr. Crossland didn’t escape scot-free after all. So how many other animals have suffered at his hands?

Andi Elliott


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