We write in support of the reelection of Paul Butikofer as Jefferson County prosecutor. Four years ago we supported one of his opponents and was deeply disappointed by her loss. We were very skeptical when he was sworn in. We planned to oppose each action and imagined him creating his own little kingdom.

Eventually, we recognized the creation of a professional office replacing his predecessor’s conflict riddled one. Butikofer is an experienced attorney handling both civil and criminal cases. Having served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney he has seen criminal cases from both angles. He has hired two competent deputies. Weston Davis is a topnotch and well-respected civil attorney and Mike Winchester is a seasoned prosecutor. As we attended County commission meetings, we immediately recognized they were receiving timely legal advice and open meeting requirements were being met.

It is unnecessary for us to criticize his opponent or call him names. We support Paul Butikofer because he has done an outstanding job for Jefferson County, and we believe this progress must continue. His legal colleagues have overwhelmingly endorsed him including Bingham, Bonneville and Madison county prosecutors, Bonneville and Jefferson county sheriffs, and members of the 7th District bar.

In the last 18 months, we have gotten to know Paul personally. We have worked together with a local service organization. We have found him to be hardworking, caring and generous. The highest calling of a prosecutor is to “seek justice, not merely to convict” and that is what we have found Paul Butikofer has accomplished. We encourage all Jefferson County voters to reelect Paul Butikofer as county prosecutor.

Pat Scott and Sue Kenny