After supporting Rep. Simpson for reelection against the likes of Bryan Smith and for a few good acts, such as Idaho National Laboratory funding and the White Clouds, he seems to have abandoned his values and reveals that he knows nothing about the U.S. Constitution. His diatribe in the Post Register sounded more like Reps. Jim Jordan or Doug Collins than a semi-moderate statesman. Simpson lied to his constituents and every reader of the Post Register when he said, “Impeachment is to be used to remove a president from office for committing a crime, not for political gain, and certainly not to protest election results.”

If this were true, a president could not be impeached, since, under current Justice Department rules, he/she cannot be indicted. Ergo-no crime; no impeachment. Neither motive is true — Trump abused his power. Perhaps a dentist can be excused for a lack of knowledge of our Constitution. However, a member of Congress, speaking on one of the most important issues facing our nation, has no excuse for ignorance or misleading the public. He has just adopted Trump’s playbook and ignored expert testimony on the Constitution and made up the story he wished were true. The Constitution provides for removal for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” When the founding fathers penned the Constitution, misdemeanors represented exactly the type transgressions contained in the articles of impeachment just passed by the House Judiciary Committee. In the Constitution, misdemeanors mean much much more than disorderly conduct. I’m insulted that he thinks we’re that dumb.

Jim Key

Idaho Falls