Many Republicans continue to insist that the presidential election was rigged and manipulated to give Joe Biden the presidency. Some of our local Trumpsters have bought into this nonsense. They know the election was somehow tilted to "steal" the election from Trump. Never mind that there is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that there was any major fraud. Never mind that dozens of judges have thrown out dozens of lawsuits based on the claim of fraud. Never mind the actual facts. They know the election was rigged. They just know it. Somehow.

Trump's insistence that he won the election, his insistence that the election was stolen, his calling his followers to action, his telling them to march to the capitol, his telling them that he would be with them and his telling them they had to fight triggered the insurrection and the attempted coup at the U.S. Capitol.

We came very close to losing our democracy on Jan. 6. The vice president of the United States was in that building. Every member of Congress, including the Senate majority leader, the speaker of the House and all others in congressional leadership positions, were in that building. The insurgents were set on assassinating Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and perhaps others. Had this coup succeeded, had this insurrection ended in the deaths of Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and other Senate and House leaders, there would have been only one major political figure left: Donald Trump. King Trump. President for life Trump. And that scares the hell out of some of us.

Shelton Beach