In response to Mr. DeMott's rejection of my assessment of President Trump's character (a pathological liar, profound narcissist and so forth) and then applying that character assessment to President Obama is a classic example, I think, of what narcissistic bullies often do: project onto others there own negative traits.

Think "fake news," "witch hunt," calling a woman "Horse face", saying John McCain was not a war hero while Trump himself had at least four deferments. Think: "I would make a good general", "I'm a genius", Obama doesn't have a US birth certificate and on and on ad nauseam.

I paraphrase a statement a colleague had in his room for years: Never try to teach a cow to fly, it frustrates you and irritates the cow.

Tongue in cheek, I make two concluding comments:

First, my hell would be to die, meet St. Peter, and he assigns me to live with Trump eternally. "Oh, my hell."

Second, I die and St. Peter assigns me as Trump's companion, and I request that St. Peter shoot me to end my nightmare — but wait, he can't do that. I'm already dead.

Rats, hell is forever.

Roy Marlowe


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