In response to Halli Stone’s letter “D93 misled taxpayers” on Feb. 28, I would like to review several points and explain why the district has not started construction on the new middle school.

1. The district had no funds to pay for preliminary work on the middle school until a bond passed. The middle school bond passed in March of 2018. It took about 8 weeks to sell the bonds.

2. Once the bond passed the district started working with the Construction Manager/General Contractor and the Architect on the design. The design work includes programming space and ensuring that specifications work for the budget available. This was a critical task which took 9 months. The district also worked with the county to obtain necessary permits, work through access issues and develop a plan for traffic. The district also had to work with public utilities to obtain access and easements.

3. Once the school was designed, plans were reviewed and approved by the state. This was a 2-month process.

4. Finally, advertising was complete and subcontractor's bids were opened on Feb. 27 — two weeks after the original goal.

5. The district has been very deliberate in this planning process. January and February is the best time to bid on new construction. Contractors are planning for the coming year and this is the most opportune time for competition.

Thanks to Halli Stone for her questions. I hope this helps to clarify this process for all patrons.

Chad W. Dance (D93 Trustee)

Idaho Falls

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