"Is there any guarantee that if a gun carrier heard shooting he would run to confront the shooter?" asked John Tanner in a letter recently. I suspect that a teacher who hears a murderer advancing to her classroom won’t run to confront him. She'll know where he’ll enter the classroom and can have the firearm aimed and ready. She’ll shoot the murderer as he enters the classroom. On the other hand, he won't know that he’s going to die in the doorway. Why does Tanner prefer that she and the children die instead?

Tanner reminded us that "the armed school official at the Parkland, Florida shooting stayed clear." Despicable behavior, isn't it? But, while the officer cowered outside, two teachers ran across campus and entered the building to try to save children. They were killed. Wouldn't it have been a better outcome if the people with courage also had firearms to stop the murderer?

Tanner wrote that "this is only for the convenience of certain concealed gun carriers so they don't need to leave their weapon behind when they enter the school or grounds." Would Tanner prefer that people handle loaded firearms just outside the school grounds, removing guns from holsters and unloading them? A gun that remains in a holster is not a threat. Gun handling outside schools increases the risk of injury.

Don Fleming


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